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XooXooX turns $0.04 ad space into $2.69 ads

November 21, 2008
XooXooX converted banner ad space that cost $0.04 per mille into ads that generated revenue of $2.69 per mille: a gross profit margin of 98.5%, in October 2008.

In line with web advertising industry conventions, XooXooX reports its costs, revenue, clicks, and purchases in units of 1000 exposures of pages containing our ad widget called mille (from the Latin word for 1000).

XooXooX was able to achieve these increased returns on ad space because users have higher click-thru and purchase rates when they choose the ads they see.

Indeed, XooXooX banner ads generated a clicked-thru rate (CTR) of .83% more than triple the industry average rate according to a September 2008 report by WebMarketCentral which stated "The average CTR for banner ads is roughly 0.25%, with a reported range of 0.17% to 0.40%."

XooXooX Amazon.com ads also generated a click-to-purchase conversion rate to over 14%, approximately 5 times the industry average of 2.8% reported by WebMarketCentral. and 2-3% reported by Clickz in Feburary 2008. XooXooX even achieved a higher conversion rate on these ads than the 9.6% Clickz reported that Amazon.com on its own site in February 2008.

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XooXooX Open Beta Release Launched

October 31, 2008
This year there is a special holiday shopping treat! XooXooX announced the open beta of its new PULL web advertising service. Opened to the general public on Halloween, the new service delivers a real treat: you, the user, get to control the web ads you see.

The only tricks are the magic behind the company's Personal Shopping Assistant that anonymously searches the huge product catalogs of partners such as Amazon and eBay, based on your Secure Shopping List.

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XooXooX New Web site Unveiled, Ends "Stealth Mode"

October 15, 2008
XooXooX launched a new version of its web site (you are seeing it now!) as part of our launch our Beta Test Release. The previous version of the Web site was used during our “stealth” period while we were developing our product.

XooXooX Alpha Test Update

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Here the latest on XooXooX’s Alpha Trial.

We have 30+ Alpha Testers and the number is increasing for this fun and engaging program. If you would like to learn more about this program or about becoming a Beta tester click here.

So far, our programmers have integrated the Product Catalogs of our partners eBay and Amazon. We have signed on as affiliates of Travelocity and Ticketmaster and we are planning our future integration. We have received a plentiful amount of feedback which is in the process of being incorporated into the program for the general Beta Release. All the changes and updates are running on schedule and the XooXooX Beta will be available on October 15.

Click on this link to sign up for XooXooX :


Check out the video demo on our Home page to see the latest on XooXooX.

Click on a new way to shop on the web by getting your own XooXooX Personal Shopping Assistant to work for you!

XooXooX Alpha version offers features these elements:

The XooXooX Personal Shopping Assistant™ - Your personal shopping avatar who guides you through the program and makes ad selections based on your preferences. You can click on your avatar time you need help navigating XooXooX.

XooXooX Home Preferences Page - This is where you specify which charity you would like to benefit, how often you would like your XooXooX ads to refresh, and if you want to receive updates from XooXooX from time to time. We never share this information with anyone and rest assured your data remains on your computer.

eBay Ad Preferences Window - Get your XooXooX Personal Shopping Assistant to search eBay for all those items available for auction including those items on Half.com, an eBay business. You can search items by price range in this window.

Amazon Ad Preferences Window - Get your XooXooX Personal Shopping Assistant to search Amazon.com for literally millions of items available from this great shopping site.

Instant Ad Preview - Once you save you ad search preferences in either eBay or Amazon you will be presented with ad views based on your selections. Instant Previews give you the opportunity to adjust your ad preferences so that you get the exact ad you want.

XooXooX Ad Windows - These are your ad selections which appear on all the web pages you visit with XooXooX ad windows. It gives you the ability to update your ad preferences on the fly. When you see a XooXooX ad you can click on it to see the selection criteria you specified, including eBay or Amazon ad category, your heart rating, and the shopping list or keywords you used in your search. The control also gives you the option to share the ad with a friend (we use your default email client), navigate to any XooXooX preferences page, and provide us with feedback so we can constantly improve our program.

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XooXooX Receives Seed Round Investment

October 2, 2008
XooXooX has recieved its first investment! -- The commitment came in just two hours after our first pitch to this investor!

During these days of general market instability some investors have chosen to diversify their portfolio by taking a calculated risk on an up and coming Web 2.0 start-up, XooXooX (say zooks-zooks). “This investment is a vote of confidence in our company. The feedback from our Alpha testers has helped to accelerate our product development,” says Teresa Murdock, XooXooX’s Chief Marketing Officer. An investor comments, “The markets are shaky and it looks like this may be the situation for some time to come. Our thinking is ‘why not invest a portion of our money in a start-up venture that expects to have large growth over the next five years?’ ”

“This investment will allow XooXooX to expand its limited trial service already in progress and begin production service early next year,” says XooXooX’s Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder Scott McGregor.

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XooXooX First Revenue Received

October 2, 2008
Today, XooXooX also received its first revenue -- thanks to some purchases by some of our earliest Pre-Release testers during September!

Creating a World Where Everyone Wins:
XooXooX Encourages Charity Participation

October 2, 2008
XooXooX (Say Zooks-zooks) was founded to help create a world where everyone wins! We accomplish this by striving to benefit all who use our service: that includes web shoppers, web publishers, advertisers, and non-profits that our members select.

How XooXooX Benefits Charities
Every time you make a purchase on XooXooX a portion of the affiliate commission we receive can be sent to a charity which you select at no additional cost to you.

Don’t see your preferred charity or non-profit on our list? You are welcome to submit your charity for our consideration. Any qualified IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit is eligible to participate in our profit share program.

How XooXooX works
XooXooX empowers web users to select ads for the things for which they are shopping. Once a user identifies items they want then our Personal Shopping Assistant™ scours the web for ads in major web shopping catalogs. XooXooX displays these ads every time our member visits a web page with a XooXooX ad space on it.

We respect our your privacy.
We pledge never to collect information on your web browsing habits without your explicit consent. We ensure this by designing our application in such a way that all data remains on your computer. XooXooX asks you what you want then delivers web ads to you based on the preferences you create. These preferences select offers from our partner’s catalogs while your selection preferences remain safely on your computer.

Benefits to web publishers and advertisers
These personalized ads make web publishers happy because their ad space becomes more valuable with higher click-actions and purchases. Advertisers receive 100% self-identified ready and willing buyers for their products so their ad budgets are optimized.

Charities benefit simply because they are selected by you, the XooXooX user
To help make the world a better place we promote easy philanthropy. Whenever you click thru a XooXooX ad and make a purchase we donate a portion of our sales proceeds to the charity you select. Your charity can benefit even more by getting the rest of their donors/members to try XooXooX. The sales generated by interested users result in a greater stream of donations directly into your charity’s treasury. This great benefit comes at a time when charitable donations are depressed. Charities benefit, XooXooX gets more users and we are able to draw from a larger pool of products for our member’s benefit.

If you are interested in learning more visit this link: